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Application procedure for sponsorship

Do you wish to act as a sponsor for a student and to make a commitment to pay the costs? Please send a complete file with all requested documents by e-mail to

If the sponsorship is accepted, the sponsor will need to personally present him/herself at our Embassy in Rome (after having received an appointment) to endorse the sponsorship.

Please send us the following documents:

    - Sponsorship application form

    - ‘Annexe 32’ form

   -   EU-citizens:                -    A copy of your valid identity card or valid passport

       NON EU-citizens:       -    A copy of your valid passport 


                                         -    A copy of your valid Italian unlimited permit of stay

      NOTE:  Your Italian permit of stay ('permesso di soggiorno') needs to be valid

                    for an unlimited period ('illimitata'). If you are in posession of a limited

                    Italian permit of stay you can only undertake a sponsorship if the student

                    is a relative to the third degree. You will have to prove your relationship with

                    the student up to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree with supporting documents!

    -A certificate of family composition stating your address, issued by the Italian

      municipality less than 6 months ago ("certificato di stato di famiglia). Note: a

      statement on honor ("autocertificazione") will not be accepted

    -A copy of a valid identity card or valid passport of the student              

    -A copy of the student's registration or admission certificate at a Belgian institution/

      university /college

    -Payment of consular fee of 20 euros to be paid during the appointment by bank card

     or credit card


For employees:        -A copy of your pay slips for the last three months 

                                 -A copy of your current employee contract

                                 -A certificate issued by your employer stating the start

                                  of your employment contract,your work function,

                                  specification of the type of contract (fixed term / indefinite term)

                                  and the mention that your still in service and not in a notice period

                                 -Your latest tax return (CUD)


For self-employed persons:     -A certificate issued by a recognized accountant stating

                                                 your NET income of the last 3 months  

                                                 -A copy of your VAT number (‘partita IVA’)

                                                 -Your latest tax return (Certificazione Unico)