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Visa for Belgium

Mandatory form for travel to Belgium

From August, 1st, all persons returning to Belgium and all persons travelling through Belgium and who are staying at least 48 hours must fill out an identification form (Passenger Locator Form). You can find this form here.

Public consultation

The European Commission has decided to launch a public consultation on the perspective of digitalization of the visa procedure (E-visa) and on the creation of an EU online visa application portal, aimed at a target audience: the travel industry, European agencies directly or indirectly linked to the EU visa policy, visa applicants and the general public. Read more...

Impact of COVID-19 measurements

Due to additional pandemic restrictions enacted by the Italian government, our services will work on a reduced base.

For visa applications the delay of treatment will take up to 20 working days. E-mails will be answered within a delay of 10 working days.
We kindly ask you to refrain from calling in the meantime, as this will inevitably cause longer delays for all applications. No information will be given over the phone. Please use email only (

Important Information

Visa applications are only treated by the Belgian Embassy in Rome for non-EU citizens who hold a legal residence in Italy. Visa applications are therefore not possible at Belgian honorary consulates in Italy. Our visa office is only accesible for visa applications by appointment.

Procedure to introduce a visa request

Every visa applicant must first complete the visa application form online. To do so, click here. Once you have completed and submitted the online visa application form, you must print and sign it. On the visa application form will appear a file number (VOWINT ...111'). Next you will need to check the list with required documents for your visa application and send an email with the visa application form and ALL required documents to In the subject of your email you need to mention your visa file number (f.e. VOWINT...111').If your visa application is complete, the embassy will contact you to book an appointment.
Important: when submitting the visa application form online you will receive an automatic email to book an appointment online, however the online appointment system for our embassy is inactive. You must therefore send an email with all requested documents to obtain an appointment.
If you cannot find the information or the list of required documents for your visa application on our website, you can contact the visa office via e-mail:

NOTE: please be advised that the attachment size is limited. You can only send up to 5MB in attachments (if you have more than one attachment, they can't add up to be more than 5MB). E-mails with an attachment size larger than 5MB will not arrive and you will not receive a message informing you that the e-mail did not arrive.

What type of visa (short stay - long stay?)

Short stay visa (visa type C) authorizes you to stay on Schengen territory for a term not longer than 3 months during a period of 6 months starting from your first entry on the territory. NON EU-citizens who regularly reside in Italy - i.e. holders of a valid Italian residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) may stay in Belgium for up to 90 days per six months without a visa. They must be in possession of their valid national passport and their valid Italian residence permit. The renewal of the Italian permit of stay ('bollettino di rinnovo') is not valid for travel in Belgium. If you are in possession of a renewal, you should contact the Italian authorities for an accelerated issue of your new Italian residence permit or the Belgian embassy competent for your home country for the issue of a visa C

Long stay visa (visa type D) authorizes you to stay in Belgium for a period longer than 90 days (students, researchers, employees, family reunification, …).

Please proceed to the menu below for the relevant information on your visa application. For most updated information you can visit the website of the Immigration Office in Belgium, at the moment only available in Dutch or French.